Three days in Brazzaville

The plan was to stay in Brazzaville till Friday and then take the ferry across the river to Kinshasa, stay there till Monday and go back home. I even had bought ticket a few days before. I’m using my points from the travels I had done with work, it’s so much easier this way, as […]

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Pointe-Noire to Brazzaville

I showed up at the Ocean du Nord bus station around 5:45am, just like I was told. Apparently there are two Ocean du Nord stations in town but somehow the taxi managed to take me to the right one (the taxi driver asked if I would be travelling from that station and he knew which […]

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Three days in Pointe-Noire

The mornings in town were rather lazy. I was going out across the street to have a baguette with an avocado salad and a cup of nescafe. Sueco where I stayed also did food but it was expensive. I once took a seafish bullion with vegetables, it was nice but if was also 3500cfa. Oops. […]

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Lambaréné and Ndendé

The initial plan of seeing Albert Schweitzer Hospital in the morning and catching afternoon transport to Ndendé, the last town in Gabon before Congo, of course failed. There are men in town around where the transport North (Libreville etc.) and South (Mouila & Ndendé) leaves who somehow match passengers to vehicles. One of them gave […]

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Libreville to Lambaréné

Taxi to PK8 I called for 1000cfa, but not before I had my baguette with salad and coffee, two coffees. PK8 sounds like kilometre 8, away from the city. The taxi driver told me I should watch out for price hikes for a white man and told me I should not pay more than 5000cfa.The […]

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Two days in Libreville

In my comfortable bed with my very comfortable pillows and fresh crispy linen I slept very well. First stop: du café. I had three cups. 300cfa each. I asked where to get the coffee that is the not ground. The men told me to go to ancien Sobraga (later I found out Sobraga stands for […]

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Bitam to Libreville

I found two agencies in Bitam going to Libreville. One told me the bus leaves at 4am and the next one going at 7am. There was a big bus and a small.bus standing there. The big bus looked promising. The other one told me the bus leaves at 5am, then they told me 5am is […]

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